What we're all about

LongSword is a family-owned, farmed, and operated vineyard & winery located in the heart of the Applegate Valley. We specialize in unique wines of exceptional quality that are lovingly crafted from vine to bottle. The LongSword Vineyard family takes great pride in serving our wines in a relaxed, inviting atmosphere that truly captures what the Southern Oregon wine scene is all about. Come by for a visit and see what we mean!

Tasting room and patio with stunning views of the Siskyou mountains and the Pacific coastal range

Tasting Room and Patio

Enjoy chatting with locals in our beautiful tasting room or grab a bottle and spend a relaxing afternoon on the patio. Either way you'll be enchanted by breathtaking views of the vineyard and the surrounding mountains. Tastings are only $5 and lingering is encouraged.

Our family farmed vineyard

The Vineyard

Nestled between the Siskiyou, Cascade, and Coastal mountain ranges, LongSword encompasses 10 acres of mature Chardonnay and Pinot Noir vines and 12 acres of natural beauty. Thanks to the vineyard's unique microclimate, LongSword enjoys sunshine almost every day of the year.

Paragliders and Hang gliders land on LongSword Vineyard whenever conditions are goood.

Paragliding & Hang gliding

LongSword Vineyard is the primary landing zone for the numerous hang gliders and paragliders who launch into the sky from nearby Woodrat mountain. On most warm afternoons, guests can enjoy a colorful spectacle of wings gliding through the sky and gracefully landing in front of the tasting room.

The farm is home to chickens, geese, and sheep

The Farm

Guests of LongSword are often greeted by a delightful collection of free-range farm animals: a large flock of Plymouth Barred Rock chickens, 4 Pilgrim geese (led by the recalcitrant Louie), and three Baby Doll Southdown sheep aptly named Einstein, Newton, and Hawking. Some lucky folks also get to meet our vineyard doggies: Zoey, Rogue, & Lola.

Invitation Chardonnay

2014 "Invitation" Chardonnay

Elegant and lively, Invitation is a unique non-oaked Chardonnay that pairs bright citrus and crisp mineral flavors with lovely notes of pear and melon to create a delightfully well-balanced, food-friendly wine.

$18/bottle | Wine Club $14.40/bottle

Accolade Sparkling Chardonnay

2014 "Accolade" Sparkling Chardonnay

An enchanting, lightly sparkling Chardonnay known as “the wedding wine,” Accolade delights and charms the palate for any occasion by combining playful notes of citrus with just a hint of sweetness for a truly effervescent experience.

$22/bottle | Wine Club $17.60/bottle

Phrase Pinot Noir

2013 "Phrase" Pinot Noir

Beautifully rich and dark, Phrase features fragrant notes of blackberries and violets that unfurl into a spicy cardamom and pepper finish to create an unforgettable medium-bodied Pinot Noir.

$35/bottle | Wine Club $28/bottle

Passado Merlot

2014 "Passado" Merlot

Intoxicating in more ways than one, this remarkable Merlot's luxuriously fruit-forward depths are showcased against a backdrop of delicately restrained tannins. Beautifully formed with opulent notes of cherry, cassise, and blackberry, Passado offers a wonderfully heady experience.

$30/bottle | Wine Club $24/bottle

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Join our wine club!

As a member of the LongSword Vineyard Wine Club, you’ll receive a 20% discount on all LongSword wines, customizable releases of your choice of 2, 4, or 6 bottles every quarter, invitations to special events, and complimentary tasting year-round for you and your guests. Wine Club members also receive priority access to limited releases and special alerts when we are running low on favorite wines.

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